Festival del film Locarno

From 05.08.20 to 15.08.20


Region Locarno
Type Festival


Locarno Festival is the most significant cinematographic event in Switzerland and among the most important in Europe. Numerous are the movies presented in four different sections: Concorso internazionale, Concorso Cineasti del presente and the sections Pardi di domani (national and international).

The Festival’s heart is surely the daily evening projection in the magnificent Piazza Grande, which transforms itself into the “most beautiful movie-theater under the stars”.

For further information, the program, tickets and passes we invite you to visit the festival website www.pardo.ch.

Important information for the public tansportations during the festival:

By cableway: last course at 00.35.
(every 30min from 20.05)

– Last curses by bus from Locarno (Via della Pace):
towards Muralto-Minusio-Tenero, at 23.40h
towards Solduno-Ascona, at 00.10h
towards Orselina-Brione s/M, at 00.00h
towards Vallemaggia, at 00.04h (Mo-Thu)
and 00.34h (Fri, Sa, Su)
towards Brissago, at 01.08h (Fri, Sa)

Every night, about 20 minutes after the two screenings in
Piazza Grande, there is a special PostBus departure to Ascona,
Brissago, Bignasco, Orselina, Minusio and Tenero

– last departures by train from Locarno-Stazione:
towards Bellinzona, at 23.35h, 00.05h, 00.35h, 1.35h (Mo-Sa),
03.05 (Fri, Sa)
towards Lugano, at 23.35h, 00.05h (Mo-Sa), 03.05h (Fri, Sa)
towards Chiasso, at 23.35h, 00.05h (Mo-Sa), 1.35h (Mo-Thu),
03.05h (Fri, Sa)
towards Intragna, at 23.07h, 00.07h (Fri,Sa).

– By boats and busses from Gambarogno: download the timetable.